Like many of us who try to reduce or maintain their weight, I discovered long ago that the concept of the ‘balanced diet’ didn’t work for me.  I just couldn’t lose weight! When I started reducing the carbs, however, it started to drop off.

What I also discovered is that diets don’t work.  Why? Because they have a starting point and an end point, and don’t include a lifestyle which is the only way I knew I could keep weight off long-term.

The other problem about dieting is that it always seemed to be about deprivation, that was also unsustainable long term.

So being a fan of cooking, I decided to try my hand at creating a set of delicious meals that would satisfy my food cravings while helping me lose and keep off the extra pounds!  These meals have plenty of vegetables, no sugar, are low in fat, and are about moderation, not deprivation!

So follow this blog and you’ll benefit from my experiments, and hopefully lose some weight at the same time!