Curbing the Carbs

When I used to diet in the past, I would decide that going drastic was the only way, in other words, cutting out all carbs.  I would experience instant and very gratifying results, that would keep me motivated to go on.   The only problem was that after about a week I would start getting cravings for something sweet.  Anything sweet!   So I would go out and buy a cream cake from the supermarket, wolf it down, and then resume the low carb lifestyle until another craving emerged.

After much trial and error, I realized that I needed to balance my pure carb intake with something sweet, but not something that would spike my insulin levels.  I discovered Xylitol, a delicious natural sugar substitute that I can use instead of sugar.  I can cook with it, eat it raw, use it in tea and coffee – it’s delicious!  Check out my page on Xylitol and other sweeteners and where to get them on Sweets on this blog.

This led me to improvise and create a series of desserts that I now enjoy on a daily basis.  I rarely go out and buy those cream cakes any more – I don’t need to, I have my own version to eat at home!