Typical meals

Here is an idea of the kinds of meals you can enjoy and still lose weight almost without even noticing!   Here are suggested meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner:


– eggs and bacon on low carb bread

– grilled sausage sandwich

– scrambled eggs on toast

– smoked salmon on low carb pancake


– creamy bacon & mushroom sauce on courgette tagliatelli

– shepherd’s pie with cauliflower and parmesan crust

– chicken breast stuffed with garlic cream and wrapped in bacon

– low carb sandwich with chicken & salad


– roast chicken and baked onions and carrots

– stir fry prawns with garlic, chili and courgettes

– bolognese sauce with parmesan

– stir fry beef with garlic, chili, bean sprouts, beans and carrots


– lemon meringue pie

– chocolate torte

– chocolate mousse

– orange almond cake

– chocolate ice cream

-coconut ice cream

You’ll find some of these recipes on future blogs, so stay updated!