Get Started

This page has some suggestions of how you can quick start your Lo Carb Life to get things going quickly and smoothly, while your motivation is still strong!

In the past, my routine has always been one of eating ‘healthy’ interspersed with eating ‘unhealthy’ for various periods of time.  I would always start a diet after one of my ‘unhealthy’ periods, when I had put on a few extra pounds and wanted to shift them.  My toughest challenge, however, was always getting started.

I think that was because I was in an eating ‘routine’ and my body was expecting more of the same.  So it wanted bigger meals, sugar, carbs, etc and if I didn’t provide them it would protest by giving me hunger pangs, low blood sugar, and all the other symptoms that make it hard for us to change our eating habits.

So I decided to change my approach to starting healthy eating.   Because my body was still craving sugar and lots of food in the early stages, I didn’t deprive myself.  What I did, however, was substitute the sugar with healthy alternatives like Xylitol, and make delicious lo carb dishes that I could eat as much as I liked.

Preparation was the key.  Before I started, I bought all the foods I needed to start my new eating schedule.  These included some of my ‘staples’ such as lots of vegetables, organic mince meat, garlic, lemons, eggs, etc.  I then made a few desserts, such as chocolate mousse (using only 0% fat greek yogourt, organic cocoa and Xylitol), lemon meringue pie (using eggs, xylitol, lemons, skim milk and a bit of cornflour).

I also made shepherd’s pie using cauliflower instead of potato, a delicious filling meal that I could eat whenever I was hungry.  I made my special bread using only oatmeal and wheat bran.  And I made sure I had all the ingredients for stir fries using a tiny bit of coconut oil, lots of veggies, chili, garlic and prawns or fish, as well as for pasta substitutes such as courgettes, bacon lardons, tomatoes and garlic.

What I found is that I was so full in the first couple of weeks that I didn’t want to break the eating schedule.  In fact, I didn’t feel at all deprived, I actually felt more satisfied than ever.

Gradually, my appetite started to reduce when the insulin ‘spikes’ reduced, to the level where I found I was eating much less than I used to.  This was the start of long-term weight loss, and it was easy to do.

So follow this tip, if you want to make sure that your initial efforts run smoothly.  If you are working during the day, then you can take your shepherd’s pie or sandwich into work as well as a piece of pie or chocolate mousse!

Incidentally, you may think that I use a lot of eggs in this diet and are worried about cholesterol.  Studies have shown that this is an outdated idea.