Why Low Carb?

Why do low carb foods help us lose weight more quickly? Research has shown that when we limit our intake of carbs, then this reduces the amount of insulin that is released into the blood stream.  As a result, the body is encouraged to burn fat for energy instead of using the sugar in the bloodstream.

Most dieticians don’t like these kinds of diets because they go against the recommended guidelines which are usually diets based on 50% carbohydrates. However, in my opinion you can strike a happy medium between the two – by reducing carbs, increasing vegetables, reducing fat and cutting back on alcohol to achieve a long term, sustainable weight loss.

I should mention that this is not a diet plan and I am not a qualified dietician, I am simply sharing some of my recipes of ways to eat low carb delicious meals, to help you achieve your long term goals!

Another term you may have heard of is GI – Glycemic Index.  This is similar to the Lo Carb concept because it is the value obtained by monitoring a person’s blood sugar after eating food.  Certain foods (eg high carb ones) generate higher GI ratings and these are the ones to avoid.  It’s useful to know that you can combine a high GI and low GI food to get an average GI value in the blood.   Low GI is 55 or less, Medium GI is 56-69 and High GI is 70 or more.

Low Glycemic Vegetables

All vegetables that are high in fiber have a low Glycemic index. They are not digested quickly, due to high fiber content, and are healthier compared to foods with a high G.I.

o Zucchini
o Pumpkin
o Water gourd
o Watercress
o Broccoli
o Turnips
o Radish
o Carrots
o Spinach
o Bell peppers
o Lettuce
o Cabbage
o Parsley
o Cauliflower
o Cucumber
o Mushrooms
o Yellow summer squash
o Avocados
o Brussels sprouts

Low Glycemic Fruits

o Watermelons
o Musk melons
o Green coconut
o Tomatoes
o Berries
o Guavas
o Pears
o Apples
o Oranges
o figs
o Lime
o lemon
o Pineapples
o Kiwi.

Whole grains, nuts, lean meat, fish, chicken also have low GI levels.